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Keystarter allows you to create clipboards, buttons, popup menus and virtual keyboards in 3D and is perfect for those that want to create simple icons to do what would normally require two hands, such as pressing the ctrl and c button. Keystarter 1.0 eliminates the need for both hands by using your mouse to complete the function.
To us keystarter, will have to have installed Autohotkey. However, this utility is an innovative type of ‘freeware’, which allows free use for most of the week, except for Saturdays and Mondays when you will need to have the license to use it. Unlike many of the other virtual keyboard programs available, keystarter 1.0 allows you to complete actions directly through the use of icons. You can adjust the transparency, hide the icons, change and create icons, and then move them on to desired locations. With keystarter 1.0, you can run multiple programs with a single icon, as well – allowing for a quicker user experience for commonly used actions. This latest version has an improved update checker, performance features, and lets you pin or auto hide your menus. And for gamers, Gaming Shoot Loop is also included.



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